Sensitive data, critical control instruction, and proprietary business information travel over networks of all types from internal industrial networks to the Internet each with its own level of encryption.
How secure is it? We will help you to understand the impact of the skilled worker shortage on manufacturing network security, how to put the proper infrastructure in place, which factors to consider when implementing
visualization in a manufacturing environment, which needs to satisfy for secure remote access, and where the Industrial Internet of Things affects an organization’s network security.
We have experienced team with the entire range of network and computer security issues faced by businesses. From writing and implementing security policies and procedures and conducting periodic network audits for security vulnerabilities to tracking security breaches and working with local and national law enforcement to identify computer criminals, CUBEX has the computer and network security expertise to help your business.
CUBEX guide you to discover how a plant-wide approach enables solutions and technologies including visualization, mobility, cloud, and analytic by bringing salable common network and security environments on a single, unified network infrastructure.